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Many traders oppose scalping saying why do 10-30 pips when you can make 100-300 pips. Scalping is something that can be done at any time compared to swing trading. However, this FREE 10X trading method will show you how you can easily turn your small scalping operations into large swing operations when you find the right opportunity.

Learn this “10X secret” that shows you how to scale 10-30 pips transactions in 100-300 pips swing trades without any additional risk. The purpose of scalping is to do a few quick pips of 10 to 30 every time you enter the market. But how about doing 100-300 pips swing operations every time you enter the market instead of these 10-30 pips scalping operations?

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1) How to determine historical areas of resistance and support and then use these lines of support and resistance to increase your profits,

2) How to take 10 times more pips without any additional risk,

3) How to automate these operations so that even an inexperienced trader has no difficulty in doing so.

This series of FREE forex training videos will show you how easily you can turn your scalping operations into swing operations when you get the chance. Making big pips is what you want if you want to make a lot of money. This free 10X trading method will show you how to do it easily and efficiently.