Forex Robot: Create your own automated trading system for three-digit profits!

There are two main criteria by which you need to program the rules and they are: market entry and market exit or your stop. You can use a large number of indicators to time your trades, but in an automated trading system, you should use as little as possible and here I will show you how to create a one-rule system based simply on trading volatility.

A very simple system would be one based on the standard deviation (volatility) of the price. The Bollinger Band, for example, shows an average mean band and the two outer lines, are standard deviation from the norm or average, as volatility increases as the bands widen from the mean. You can easily build a simple volatility system with your own setup, so here’s what you do.

You should decide a moving average of the midline to get started. This is where prices will find support in a bullish market and resistance in a bear market. A buy signal would be generated (and maintained) in a bullish market when the average is reached, the lower outer band would provide the stop level.

All you have to do is test various moving averages and standard deviation settings for the outer bands, but this is easy to do with the current software. Then, you should decide on a coin distribution to trade and test over time, to see how successful it is, as it only has one rule, it will show a realistic proof of performance.

The logic of the above system is easy to understand and then you will find how to generate a buy signal and stop in a bullish market.

In a strong uptrend, prices may come out of an average price, but they will usually find support against the average. If volatility takes prices through the middle band to the outside lower band, the supply and demand situation is likely to change from bullish to bearish and a stop can be made.

You need to do some research and you can add additional filters if you want, but a volatility-based system will work if you trade a variety of uncorrelated contracts (they rarely work on a single contract).

I’ve seen people make big profits with simple automated systems and so can you. Sure you will have to spend some time researching and testing and also as with any long term trading system, but if you do a little work, you can easily create your own automated forex trading system and make big profits in less than 30 minutes. per day.